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Nepal Trekking Experience 2008

The motivation for this program has come from two sources. First, a comparable endeavour was successfully offered by Adventure Learning Experiences in March 2005 to the Sikkim region of northern India. Secondly, the overwhelming support for another such venture by the participants of the earlier experience was testimony to the  unique and exquisite sense of fulfillment in achieving both personal and group goals. 

Nepal will be the location of this experience. The leaders have both been to Nepal and have explored various trekking companies. They have entered negotiations with one particular company which has considerable experience in leading such treks. Having visited  their headquarters in Kathmandu in person, the leaders have full confidence in their expert services. Fortunately, the Maoist uprisings of the past decade have finally subsided and a political settlement has been established. This has allowed Nepal’s primary industry, namely trekking, to once again flourish.

This experience will be designed for a small group of willing participants who recognize that both personal and group achievements will be equally valued and expected. It will be presumed that all will work cohesively and cooperatively in attaining these mutual goals.

The leaders of this program will be Mr. Brent Evans and Dr. Robert Lato. Brent has been a participant and leader on a number of trips for Adventure Learning Experiences, including previous trips to Mexico, India, Nepal, China, and was the leader of our previous trekking trip to northern India in 2005. Robert is a founding director of Adventure Learning Experiences along with Mr. Greg Rogers. He has extensive travel experience to many parts of the world, including Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the Far East.



Approximately 8-12 adults will be selected for admission to the program. All will be expected to complete a formal application that will include reasons for applying and a commitment to the goals outlined above.  There are no restrictions placed on the participants in terms of age or gender. In addition, the following criteria will guide the selection of successful applicants:


            1.        Trustworthiness and reliability
            2.        Respectfulness of other people and cultures
            3.        Adaptability to new experiences and conditions
            4.        Committment to a preparatory fitness program
            5.        Pleasant Disposition


Program Design
All programs offered by Adventure Learning Experiences have a preparatory learning program specially designed for each of their unique programs. Such learning components are not intended to be onerous but rather provide each participant with an opportunity to maximize the value of the experience to its fullest degree. It is hoped and expected that all participants will participate. The program will usually take the form of reading selected topics that deal with the culture, geography, climate, and natural resources of the destination country and sharing such knowledge with the other participants, as well as an opportunity for becoming acquainted with the other participants.  Approximately 3-4 preparatory meetings will be planned for this experience.

The leaders are presently in the planning stages and are exchanging ideas with the Nepalese about the preferred trekking route. This trek will be fully supported with a Sherpa team that will include leader, guide, cook, porters, kitchen hands, and pack horses. We will be sleeping in tents to ensure that our group maintains complete freedom for nightly camping stops. Three hot meals per day will be provided during the trek. Participants will be expected to carry only their daypacks during each day’s trek.


Thursday March 6 Departure (evening preferred if possible)
Friday March 7 Arrive in Delhi
Saturday March 8 Arrive in Kathmandu
Sunday March 9 Kathmandu
Monday March 10 Annapurna Trek (7 days)
Sunday 1March 16 End of Trek, fly back to Kathmandu
Monday March 17 Fly to Delhi
Tuesday March 18 Arrive in Toronto

Note: There are a few options that could be suggested for those who would like to extend their stay:    

1. Royal Chitwan National Park in on the southern border of Nepal and India, and is a world renowned game park. It is highly recommended.  Three Days: 2 nights there and 1 travel day back to Kathmandu.

2. Visit Delhi and day trip to Taj Mahal in Agra, only 100 kms from Delhi.  Three days total.

3. Other options will also be discussed.                       

Note: The week of March 10-14 is the March Break for Ontario schools.  The week of March 17-21 is Easter Week in Ontario.  

The cost at this time is undetermined since the most significant component, namely the airline prices, are not yet available. A relatively safe estimate at this time would be approximately $4000 Cdn. This would include all food, accommodations, transportatation, Sherpas, trekking fees, transfers, and most gratuities. It would not include extended optional stays, visa fee, personal insurance and expenses, and airport taxes. The extended stay at Royal Chitwan National Park costs approximately $425 Cdn. The extended stay in Delhi and the day trip to see the Taj Mahal would likely cost about $300-$400, depending on the quality of hotel.

Health and Safety
This is a critical part of the preparatory program. Valuable advice and direction about most aspects of preventative health care and safety are an integral component of this program. All participants will be expected to visit a specialized medical health travel clinic well before departure to ensure that necessary inoculations are obtained. The leaders will also make recommendations based on their extensive  experience in this part of the world.


This program will be restricted to between 8 and 12 participants. Places will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. The downpayment must accompany the application for a spot to be secured.


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