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Tanzania Study and Leadership Programs
Study and leadership program in which participants will travel to Tanzania to explore and enhance their leadership through combining meaningful service learning and educational activities.

April 2016             Internship Program
May 2016              Internship Program
August 2016         High School Program


Superior North Study and Leadership Program
Study and Leadership Program in which participants will travel to the Thunder Bay area of Northern Ontario and experience hands-on exploration of social issues among First nations, Metis, and Inuit peoples and have opportunities for collaboration, sharing knowledge and issue resolution. (more available soon)

May 2016              High School Program


Paris and L'Arche Retreat Program
A retreat program for educators and adults, facilitated by Mr. Jean Vanier in Trosly, France. This program also includes two cultural weekends in Paris.

November 2016       Retreat Program


Philippines Study and Leadership Experience
Study and service program facilitated through the cooperation of ANCOP, in which students will offer service in Manila and experience the beauty of the Philppines. (more info available soon)

December 2016    High School Program

India Study and Leadership Program
Study and service program in which participants will offer service in Kolkata and experience the beauty of northern India's Himalayan landscape.

March 2017           High School Program

Adventure Learning Experiences Inc. was founded in 1996. Since then, 65 study and service programs have been undertaken and have involved over 600 young people and over 350 adults to such diverse parts of the world as Central and East Asia, Central and South Africa, Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Central America.  Each program is designed to fulfill the four integral themes upon which Adventure Learning Experiences was established.

Learning: All programs will involve a curriculum of study. In many programs, secondary school credits are granted to students.
Service: All participants are expected to embrace the spirit of respectful service to other cultures and individuals.
Leadership: Training in leadership skills and sharing of responsibilities pervade all components of each program.
Adventure: The thrill of safely exploring renowned as well as remote corners of the world provides a spirit of incomparable excitement.

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October 2012


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December 2011


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